Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz, director and acting teacher.

        Jurij Alschitz was born in Odessa, received his first teaching in directing in Moscow (State University of Culture) in 1973 from Prof. J.N.Malkowskij - one of the then few students of Stanislavski still alive. After numerous creations in the main cities of the Soviet Union he kept on his second education as director in GITIS -The State Institute for Theatre Art in Moscow / GITIS / 1983. In 1987 he got highest education as acting teacher - /Ministry of culture of USSR/ and then acquiring a teaching position at the GITIS/1989/.

        In 1987 Jurij Alschitz took part in the foundation of the theatre "School of Dramatic Art" of Anatolij Vasiliev in Moscow, where he regularly participated as actor, director and pedagogue from its inauguration. At this theatre he developed an independent method of actor training of improvisation and participated with the ensemble in large international festivals in Europe, North and South America, Asia, where he (the ensemble) was awarded several international prizes.

        Since 1992 he directs projects and seminars in European theatres, Universities and theatre schools in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, England, USA, Norway ,Brazil.

        IIn 1994 he created with his assistants the European net of theatre education and laboratory work - The European Association for Theatre Culture / EATC. He is the artistic director of AKT-ZENT / Berlin (, which was designated Research Centre of the Theatre Training Committee - ITI/UNESCO in 2006) Berlin, PROTEI /Progetti teatrali internazionali/ Milan and SCUT / Nordic theatre research centre/ (skandinaviskt centrum för utforskning av teater ) Stockholm.

        Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz has published a lot of articles in theatre magazines and newspapers, he is author of the books "La Grammatica dell Attore. Il Training" Italia - Ubulibri (1998, 2001, 2003) . ‘La Matematica dell Attore” Italia - Ubulibri (2004), ”The Vertical of the Role” (in German, English, Italian, Swedish) Deutschland - ars incognita, (2003), “Training forever!” Sweden (2004), “40 Questions of one Role” (in German and English) Deutschland - ars incognita (2005)

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